Hi everyone I am back!

Hello all,

After a very long break I am finally back! I have made up my mind to make molds of some of my creations so I can make copies of them!  I have used “Amazing Mold Rubber”    for my molding material. It has pleased me greatly! It solidified at the amount of time the instructions said it would too!  Unfortunately after making a test mold, I was only able to make half of a “real” mold. I bought some more and its on its way! Here is a photo of my “real” mold (you get to see the sneak peak of my warthog project):

IMG_2136 IMG_2137

I hope you guys enjoyed this update after a long absence!

Thank you very much,

-Love Nature ‘n Art .com

PS: Animal post coming up soon! It’s Love NATURE and Art after all! 😉

Sneak Peek: New Sculpts

Hello everyone,

I am back to blogging! I’ve been sculpting batches of paws, claws and heads! I have made a snarly wolf head and a pitbull head. IMG_5519 IMG_5522

I made an underbite mohawk dragon  head sculpt.  As well as a Chinese dragon head:


This is a beaked creature:


Here are the claws and paws!


I have some unbaked dragon sculpts on the studio table at the moment. Here are the two:

IMG_5530 IMG_5526 Hope you have enjoyed your sneak peek!

UPDATE: Some of these little critters are completed! I have posted them here: https://lovenaturenart.com/2015/08/24/dragons-dragons-and-more-dragons/

-Love Nature ‘n Art .com