Animal Post #1: Fanged Deer

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Ok I promised everyone that I would write an Animal Post… so here it is!

So today’s post is about the Chinese Water Deer. Water Deer are one of the few deer that have fangs…. yes, fangs. Surprisingly these deers don’t have antlers just huge canine teeth that are larger in buck but does have them too!

These unique deer are native to the swamps of China and Korea, but some deer reside in the English countryside. Unfortunately, they are under the status of vulnerable, as a result of trapping.

Males weigh about about 29 lbs and females weigh 24 lbs. Their coat is gold brown with some black highlights and their undersides are snowy white.Their thick fur covers their short and very round ears, which is an adaption to snowy weather. The Water Deer’s tail is only 5- 10 cm long! The water deer’s hind legs are more muscular then their front legs because they travel with quick rabbit-like bounds.

The deer’s diet consists of large quantities of grasses, reeds, and other vegetables from the swamp side.

Male deer are highly territorial and they mark their territory with their own defecation and by rubbing their heads against trees. Naturally, these deer swing their heads downward during fights in an attempt to cut an opponents flesh with their dangerous fangs. Skirmishes are often bloody with an obvious loser who either retreats or lays his head and neck on the ground.

Young fawns are born dark brown with white stripes and spots along their upper torso.  Courting and mating occur from November to January and  birthing usually occurs in late May to July. Most does become a mother of 1-3 and sometimes even 8! These deer normally live 10-12 years.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.11.47 PM          Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.06.02 PM

I hope you enjoy my very first animal post! I’m starting to think about making a litter of fawns… an idea to keep in mind for sure.

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Photo Credits:

William Warby/Wikimedia

Don Sutherland/Flickr