Sneak Peek: New Sculpts

Hello everyone,

I am back to blogging! I’ve been sculpting batches of paws, claws and heads! I have made a snarly wolf head and a pitbull head. IMG_5519 IMG_5522

I made an underbite mohawk dragon  head sculpt.  As well as a Chinese dragon head:


This is a beaked creature:


Here are the claws and paws!


I have some unbaked dragon sculpts on the studio table at the moment. Here are the two:

IMG_5530 IMG_5526 Hope you have enjoyed your sneak peek!

UPDATE: Some of these little critters are completed! I have posted them here:

-Love Nature ‘n Art .com

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: New Sculpts

  1. Emma

    These are amazingly well done! I really wish that I could sculpt this well. 😀 I especially like the wolf and the Chinese dragon, as well as how you did the claws/paws.


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