Greetings Everyone

Hello everyone,

I’ve taken advantage of the holiday break to making art. I make posable art dolls. Each doll has a wire skeleton and a polymer clay head. I usually sculpt the heads in “batches” and bake them together. Then I make the dolls separately. Here are some of the dolls I made the day before Christmas Eve.

This was the first art doll to be finished: A Sabertooth Tiger.

IMG_5402 IMG_5391

This is a Fantasy Doe.She is a bit unstable on her feet but overall she is in great condition.


“My back is itchy.”

IMG_5384 IMG_5385

This next one is a bloody, war torn, one-antlered stag. His name is Tecumseh.

IMG_5380 IMG_5381

I wanted to go realistic so I made a classic doe. Her name is Zambia.


“Belly rub anyone?”


Meet, Twilight! I made this dragon a year ago . (I will not be selling her). She has a posable ball and socket joint spine.

IMG_5406 IMG_5408


This is another creature I made awhile ago. He is a dragon named Draco.


After a lot of photoshoots I decided to have some fun with the camera!


“What are you?”


Thanks for looking at my first post!

-Love Nature ‘n Art .com

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